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About the Company

About the Company

MeiTan is an international diversified group of companies, a beautiful and healthy life expert, working on to achieve customers, partners and employees dreams.

The Company was founded in 2003 in Barnaul, the capital of the Altai. It dynamically develops not only in Russia but also in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Moldova, Romania, Belarus and other countries.

The MeiTan Company’s contract manufacturing is located in China, Thailand, Israel, India and Russia.

All products are manufactured in compliance with international production and quality control standards GMP and ISO 9001.

Product promotion is through a network of consultants.

President word

It is said to change life to the better, at first you must change yourself. To become a little bit happier you can start small: learn to enjoy the little things, sincere smile, be positive!

Turns out, you need to change so little — to make a decision and take the first step. A chain of simple steps and actions leads to the desired splendid result. This case in point has happened with the MeiTan Company, 15 years ago a young and ambitious cosmetic Company set itself the goal of becoming successful. And the Company reached it...

The Company's Mission

is to respect and appreciate everyone's dream, offering a quality product and a successful business for its implementation.

The principles of work

Universal human values — the basis of the Company's doing business.
A quality product is a beautiful business
The main value — the consultants
The dynamic development

Choose your tomorrow

The benefits of the Company

The business, which is responsible for the well–being of the families

MeiTan is honest and profitable business. MeiTan product earned high confidence among doctors and cosmetologists.

Effective product

Product is in demand in all regions, is accessible for all budgets, and has effect from the first application. Our assortment is daily use means. It is actually for every family; by this our products have persistence demand.

Representative office income

Essential discounts for the high level of warehouse turnover allow partners to cooperate with the Company on the most favorable terms. Discount of 23–35% depends on the purchases size.

Team building and additional reward income

You can get the monthly rewards for the recruitment of new consultants to the Company and the creation of the team. "Vacation" Fund, "the 13th bonus", travelling, jewelries, and cars can be gifts.

Wide territorial coverage
The Company has been represented in 244 Russian cities.
Income from sales of the products to customers

Retail revenue (the difference between the price of the product to a customer and the price for a consultant) — up to 50%.

Product certification

Producers have all necessary international certificates GMP and ISO 9001.

The contract inheritance

MeiTan realizes the right of the contract inheritance by close relatives.

The modern training system

It allows partners to receive business–education and to develop their skills.

The lowest requirements

for the monthly activity of the consultants.

200 000
> 350

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