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Business opportunities

Make money with the Company

Become a regular customer (a 10% discount) or a consultant (a discount of up to 33%) of MeiTan Company
Register as a consultant and join MeiTan
Receive the highest discount rate for the product and up to 50% sales incomes
Create your strong team
Participate in the Company’s trainings, master classes and webinars
Use the free business tools
Be the best and be recognized for your achievements!

The benefits of the Marketing-plan of the MeiTan Company

The Marketing-plan — is the main financial document of the Company, according to which all the payments and rewards to partners are paid. This document contains all the conditions and options of awards, the career ladder, the benefits of the Company and ethical standards.

We invite you into a profitable business

Start your business today — open an Official Representative office in your city
To sign a consultant Contract
To build your own team of consultants
To open a MeiTan Official Representative office in your city (investments from 589 000 roubles)

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