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Make money together with the MeiTan Company

MeiTan is a business that brings well-being to families!

15 years in the market

The steady growth of the Company and the increase in the number of representative offices.

Convenient business tools

A personal account: a bonuses calculator, structure statistics, accounting system, training; MeiTan KIT mobile application.

More than 300 kinds of products

Launching new products per month. Beauty, health and hygiene products, which are relevant to every family and in consistently high demand.

Wide territorial coverage

More than 240 representative offices in Russia. There are MeiTan representative offices in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.

We offer a profitable business and a quality product

The main value of the Company is the consultants. We appreciate your work and offer award and payment programs and regularly carry out promotions and campaigns.

The unique product

Beauty, health and hygiene products, based on unique natural ingredients from China, India, Thailand, Russia, Israel.

High income

The difference between the client price of the final product and the consultant price at the rate of up to 50%.


Seminars, trainings, master classes, webinars and other training events of the Company — easy to apply the skills and knowledge acquired.

Mentoring and support

A mentor of the company's leaders will support organization of the work and increasing the volume of sales, will provide with the standards and regulations.

Steady demand for the products

Price category — average and average plus. All products are certified according to GMP and ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The products are in demand in all regions and are available for all budgets.

Positive reputation

MeiTan values and business principals are honesty, openness, respect, integrity, professionalism and humanity.

Growth opportunities

Easy start. The minimum first purchase. The Consultant Starter set.
Income from creating a network of regular customers and the structure.
Travels, bonuses, valuable prizes and cars as gifts.
Achievements and recognition. Confidence in the future.
Opening of a Official Representative office in your city.
Limitless possibilities.

Cooperation options

A regular customer

The ability to buy products with a 10% discount. You can always change your mind and become a consultant if the conditions are met.

A consultant

  • A discount of up to 33% from the catalog price
  • Income from direct sales
  • Income from the work of the structure
  • The vacation fund

To sign a contract

with Sponsor

9 representations в Москве


Access to the personal account of the Consultant and to the training materials immediately after the registration

To get a status of the Consultant

To make a single purchase at least 60 tan ≈ 2500 roubles and to buy the starter set of documents.

In the offices of MeiTan

9 representations в Москве


Your own business

A Representative Office of MeiTan is a ready–made turnkey business.

Open a Representative Office of MeiTan  in your city. Start your own profitable business on special terms.

Become a Consultant

Start your path to success right now!
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